On the Prowl with Kristen Bjorn and Troff – Scene 13: James Castle, Manuel Olveyra

After meeting up in the 3 way the night before James invited Manuel to spend the night “you never know, he might be mister right.” Manuel wakes up with the pleasure of his cock being sucked by James.  After some hot oral pleasures, James moves up to Manuel’s mouth and begins feeding him his fat cock while stroking Manuel’s wet cock. The guys switch up into a deep throating 69 position, which James takes full advantage of Manuel’s talented throat. After lubing James’ cock up with his spit Manuel squats down onto James’ fat, wet, and ready cock. Manuel rides him hard and deep, and James responds with a rock solid cock and balls drawn tight with the anticipated explosion. James flips Manuel and takes his hot ass from behind, shoving his fat cock as deep as he can inside of Manuel. James rides Manuel fast and furious, enough so that Manuel shoots his thick, milky load as James continues to rapid fire fuck him. Only able to hold out for a short time longer, James explodes his creamy load all over Manuel’s ass, balls and then back inside of his hungry ass. Possible romance or hot fuck buddy?

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gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-01 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-02 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-03 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-04 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-05 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-06 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-07 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-08 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-09 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-10 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-11 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-12 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-13 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-14 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-15 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-16 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-17 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-18 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-19 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-20 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-21 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-22 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-23 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-24 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-25 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-26 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-27 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-28 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-29 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-30 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-31 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-32 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-33 gay-fetish-KristenBjorn-ManuelOlveyra-jamescastle-34

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Blow jobs galore and more and more with SuckoffGuys and Troff

This is from SuckoffGuys QuickBlast and troff. Members have told us they absolutely love our QuickBlast! scenes, and sometimes a man needs to quickly see a nice cum shot to the mouth! So to boost up our QuickBlast! selection, we’ve selected segments from some of our member favorite suck off scenes, edited them to get right down for a short build up, and quickly get to the cum shot and cum swallowing.

Some of our members have called this porn for the busy man. So in the middle of your busy day when you can hook up with your favorite nasty pig, you can log on, pull up a QuickBlast! scene & get your nuts offf at a speed that will amaze even you!

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blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-01 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-02 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-03 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-04 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-05 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-06 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-07 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-08 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-09 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-10 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-11 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-12 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-13 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-14 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-15 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-16 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-17 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-18 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-19 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-20 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-21 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-22 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-23 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-24 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-25 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-26 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-27 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-28 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-29 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-30 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-31 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-32 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-33 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-34 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-35 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-36 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-37 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-38 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-39 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-40 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-41 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-42 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-43 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-44 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-45 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-46 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-47 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-48 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-49 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-50 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-51 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-52 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-53 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-54 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-55 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-56 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-57 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-58 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-59 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-60 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-61 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-62 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-63 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-64 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-65 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-66 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-67 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-68 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-69 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-70 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-71 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-72 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-73 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-74 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-75 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-76 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-77 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-78 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-79 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-80 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-81 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-82 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-83 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-84 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-85 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-86 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-87 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-88 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-89 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-90 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-91 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-92 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-93 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-94 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-95 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-96 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-97 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-98 blowjob-gay-sucking-dicks-fucking-troff-99

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Troff and Kristen Bjorn Raw Adventures, sc. 4 – Photobooth: James Castle, Logan Moore

James and Logan are two fuck buddies out having a fun day. When they pass a photo booth in the metro they stop for some fun and daring photos. Both suck each other’s meaty cocks for the camera before heading home where they can really get raw. Logan begins by tongue fucking James’ perfect pink hole. Logan senses that James is primed at this point and shoves his raw cock deep inside of his well lubed ass.  Logan’s eyes roll back as he is overwhelmed with the incredible sensation of his bareback cock fucking that perfect hole. James begs for more and Logan delivers by pounding him harder and deeper. Logan then flips James and squats down onto his throbbing cock. Logan rides James’ cock hard and pleasures himself with each rhythmic thrust. Logan’s balls are drawn up tight and his cock is rock solid as James picks up the tempo and fucks him hard. James has fucked himself into a frenzy and blows his huge load all over his abs and chest. He coats his cock with his cum and shoves it back into Logan’s ass. This pushes Logan over the edge as he shoots his cream load all over James’ chest.

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bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-01 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-02 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-03 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-04 0bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-5 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-06 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-07 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-08 0bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-9 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-10 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-11 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-12 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-13 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-14 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-15 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-16 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-17 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-18 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-19 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-20 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-21 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-22 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-23 bareback-gay-sex-troff-james-castle-logan-moore-24

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Hardcore Gay Sex: Hairy and Raw 3 Way Bears

After Buster McNastee busts his nasty with Tristan Riant, the Bear Rider hopeful is out the door, leaving the group leader to have more bareback fun with real-life couple Amir Badri and Matthieu Angel. Now, in part two of this incredibly hot fuckfest, all thoughts of joining the Bear Riders is gone from the minds of the two hairy pig bears as they focus on how good it feels to have a thick, stiff cock in the mouth and up the ass. Now the fun can truly begin and Tristan enjoys tag teaming each partner in turn, moving where his spirit, or in this case his cock, moves him. Stretching their hungry manholes with his thick tool, Tristan pounds away, using the willing sex fiends and gets off on them begging for more daddy cock. After all, who isn’t thrilled to hear a good cock whore plead for what he needs most? Tag team fucking and plenty of spit roasting leave Amir and Matthieu further cemented and connected with a fresh load of DNA between them!

For More of this awesome Hairy and Raw Bareback scene, click HERE!

troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--01 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--02 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--03 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--04 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--05 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--06 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--07 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--08 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--09 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--10 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--11 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--12 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--13 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--14 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--15 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--16 troff-bareback-hairy-raw-3way--17

Swapping Cum Loads with Seth and Aaron

SUCKoffGUYS.com – Swapping Loads w/Aaron & Seth
See what happens when two insatiable cum-swallowing, cock-suckers get together in between sucking-off and swallowing loads from every straight, gay and bisexual man that crosses their paths.

Aaron French & Seth Chase take care of each other’s need for cum by whipping out their cocks and draining each other of their fresh, warm semen.

The guys take turns getting each other to the edge. Seth is first to drop to his knees, mouth wide open, ready to catch Aaron’s load. His tonsils get blasted with Aaron’s powerful load. He takes the spewing cock in his mouth until the shaft is totally drained, swallowing every drop of Aaron’s juice.

Now it’s Seth’s turn to feed Aaron his load. Having just swallowed a big wad of cum from Aaron, it only takes a few seconds before Seth is shooting massive ropes of jizz. Aaron tries catching the load in his mouth. However, there is so much cum, his face gets covered along with his mouth and throat. Aaron takes Seth’s sperm-dispenser in his mouth, swallowing the remaining drops of semen still oozing out of his shaft.

Both men are left in a cum induced state of ecstasy as they go off searching for the next load to swallow!

First Time, Lucio fucks Milos with Troff and Kristen Bjorn

Lucio finds himself deeply attracted to Milos, who confesses that he has never been fucked before. Knowing that this is a very special moment in a man’s life, Lucio realizes he will need to be very gentle and affectionate. Lucio takes Milos back to his home, and the men begin to expose their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies. Although Milos has never been fucked he has sucked on a few cocks in his day and eagerly goes after Lucio’s fat cock. Milos has found such great pleasure in sucking Lucio’s huge cock that he begins shooting his hot load. He then positions himself on all 4’s and Lucio begins to warm him up and loosen his ass with his hot tongue. Lucio travels from cock to balls to ass and back again as Milos groans with intense pleasure. Beginning with just the head of his cock penetrating into that tight hole, Lucio paces himself until Milos is able to adjust to that huge cock in his ass. Slowly Milos allows Lucio to go deeper. Milos is quickly realizing that the pain does eventually turn into pleasure. Patiently, Lucio takes Milos by the waist and guides him back and forth upon his straining cock. The huge ass muscles have been squeezing more than just Lucio’s cock, they have also been milking his cock for his huge load, which Lucio is no longer able to resist and lets it all fly. Crossing the line between pain and pleasure depends on your level of desire and persistence.

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fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-01 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-02 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-03 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-04 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-05 0fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-6 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-07 0fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-8 0fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-9 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-10 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-11 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-12 fetish-gay-fuck-first-milos-lucio-troff-kristenbjorn-13

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Raw Adventures and Troff present The Obelisk: Jalil Jafar and Felipe Ferro

The Obelisk in the center of the city has stood tall and majestic for many, many years, as a beacon calling all gay men to come and admire and to find their own tall, erect and rock hard shaft. Felipe is sitting there one day admiring this monument when Jalil passes by, and Felipe’s imagination goes wild. All of  a sudden Felipe finds himself and Jalil in a room framed by their own Obelisk cages. Naked and erect they turn to each other and touch their daggers together. The men reach out to the other and tug on the fur that covers their muscled chests as their tongues greet one another in mid air. Felipe then opens his mouth and takes Jalil’s colossal cock into his mouth and down his throat. Jalil then shows Felipe how much he loves the taste of cock and takes his cock all the way down to his furry patch of hair. Jalil positions himself between the two obelisks and lowers his ass down onto Felipe’s hungry tongue. Balancing between the two obelisks Jalil changes position and slams his raw cock into Felipe’s hairy hole. Jalil plays with Felipe’s pleasure by plunging his cock and in out of the hungry, wet hole. Jalil pumps away at Felipe’s ass until he coats it with his thick creamy load and then injects the last of his load deep inside of Felipe’s ass. Felipe lies down, but not to rest, but to allow Jalil to grind his ass down on his steel rod. Jalil bangs away at Felipe’s hard cock until Felipe shoots his gooey load on and inside of Jalil’s ass.

Click for the bareback video

troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-01 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-02 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-03 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-04 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-05 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-06 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-07 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-08 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-09 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-10 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-11 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-12 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-13 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-14 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-15 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-16 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-17 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-18 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-19 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-20 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-21 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-22 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-23 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-24 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-25 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-26 troff-raw-adventures-the-obelisk-jalil-jafar-felip-ferro-27

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Kristen Bjorn and Troff’s Casting Couch with Rainer and Juan Lopez

Rainer and Juan have hooked up online through Troff for a wild flip fuck. Juan’s enormous cock is unleashed and Rainer chokes it all the way down his throat. Juan then switches up and feeds his hunger on Rainer’s steel rod. Rainer postures his pucker hole just above Juan’s probing tongue as he begins fucking Rainer’s smooth hole. Rainer takes Juan’s magnificent cock in his mouth as Juan’s continues tongue fucking him. Juan switches up and sits down on Rainer’s spit slicked cock, gliding it all the way to the base. Rainer pounds his ass with such force as Juan’s cock remains rock solid. Juan flips Rainer and rams his engorged cock deep inside of Rainer. Juan pounds away at Rainer until he blows his load all over Rainer’s tongue and lips. While eating Juan’s creamy load Rainer unleashes his thick, hot load of cum all over his ripped abs.

Click for the video of Ranier and Juan

KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-01 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-02 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-03 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-04 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-05 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-06 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-07 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-08 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-09 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-10 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-11 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-12 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-13 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-14 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-15 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-16 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-17 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-18 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-19 KristenBjorn-Troff-gay-sex-casting-couch-Rainer-Juan-Lopez-20

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Toff and BelAmi’s Phillipe gets fucked by Brian in An Open Air Adventure

Brian Jovovich is not a newbie anymore and over time he has become one of our most fully versatile models.  In this scene we paired him with another one of our fully versatile performers, Phillipe Gaudin. In this sexy pairing it’s hard to say who would be the bottom, but as the scene develops we can easily see who is in charge. Brian knows exactly what Phillipe likes, so he lets him enjoy his big uncut dick beginning with some oral and ending with Phillipe getting topped by Brian who handles him like a pro! Enjoy this last remnant of summer with this new BelAmiOnline blockbuster.

Click to see more of Phillipe and Brian

bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure01 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure02 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure03 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure04 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure05 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure06 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure07 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure08 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure09 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure10 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure11 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure12 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure13 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure14 bareback-belami-raw-gay-sex-open-air-adventure15

Click to see more of Phillipe and Brian

On the Prowl – Scene 11: Fabian Fucks Mateo Stanford

Mateo and Fabian return home and immediately begin stripping each other. Mateo plants his stiff cock in Fabian’s mouth and begins feeding him all he can handle. Fabian then returns the oral pleasure of his cock down Mateo’s throat. Mateo turns around and presents his smooth hole for Fabian to work over with his strong tongue. After probing Mateo’s ass with his tongue he slams his raw, uncut cock deep into Mateo’s wet hole. Mateo then opens his big, muscular legs and rams Fabian’s rigid cock up his ass. Fabian pumps his cock in and out of Mateo as his balls draw up tight to his body preparing to shoot his huge load up and out the shaft of his cock. Fabian blasts his thick load on Mateo’s balls and then up his ass.

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